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Africa DevOps Day

FirstRand is hosting this crucial industry event on September 29th; it promises to make a valuable contribution to the growing community of DevOps practitioners in South Africa.

The concept of a regular Africa DevOps conference was conceived by Josef Langerman of Standard Bank in order to create a platform for the local DevOps community. Standard Bank and Barclays have previously hosted the events and this year on Thursday 29th September FirstRand will make its contribution. Through these conferences the banking industry inspires and builds a thriving DevOps culture and aims to grow local, sustainable skills to help run IT ops even better.

The theme for the FirstRand edition of Africa DevOps day in September is “DevOps Skills for the Future – The Next Generation”. Previous events have highlighted DevOps success stories and attendees have had opportunities to share their journeys with each other. We believe the time is right to focus on the next generation of DevOps experts within the industry and ensure the movement can make the leap from early adopters to early majority (as per the Diffusion of Innovation curve).