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Embark on a design odyssey with Hassem Prag, a fintech startup born from the visionary minds of Mo Hassem and Jay Prag. As the Art Director, Brand Manager, and UI/UX CE Designer, I've played a pivotal role in shaping our journey beyond entrepreneurship — a legacy that fuses technology, passion, and a personalized touch. Explore our rebrand narrative, a testament to commitment and innovation that goes beyond success. Join us at Hassem Prag, where every pixel tells a story of legacy meeting innovation in the dynamic landscape of fintech.
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Step into the world of Hassem Prag, where my role as Art Director, Brand Manager, and UI/UX CE Designer converges in crafting a narrative that transcends the conventional boundaries of fintech. Beyond being a mere startup, Hassem Prag is a testament to a vision that emerged from the realms of corporate finance — a vision of legacy.

In this portfolio, I invite you to delve into our rebrand journey, a story intricately woven with the ideas and passion of our founders. As the designer intimately involved in this transformation, I’ve translated not just visuals but the very essence of commitment to technology, people, and a unique philosophy. Welcome to Hassem Prag, where success is not just a destination; it’s a harmonious blend of legacy and innovation, shaping the future of fintech with purpose and design.

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