Nicola Profir • design and digital studio
Explore the dynamic fusion of design mastery and brand innovation with my portfolio showcasing NICOLA PROFIR's CI and corporate branding. As the Art Director, Brand Manager, Digital Designer, and UI/UX CE Designer, witness the transformation of visual identity into a compelling narrative that captivates audiences and defines a unique brand persona.
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In the intricate realm of visual storytelling, I’ve had the privilege of crafting the CI and corporate branding for NICOLA PROFIR. As the Art Director, Brand Manager, Digital Designer, and UI/UX CE Designer, my role extends beyond creating visuals; it’s about sculpting an immersive brand experience.

NICOLA PROFIR’s identity is more than a logo; it’s a visual language meticulously designed to resonate with audiences. From the inception of the CI to the intricacies of corporate branding, every element is a brushstroke contributing to a compelling narrative. Join me on a journey where design meets strategy, and every detail is thoughtfully curated to define a brand’s unique essence. This is more than a portfolio; it’s a testament to the power of design in shaping the identity of NICOLA PROFIR. Welcome to a visual narrative where creativity meets purpose, and brand storytelling becomes an art form.

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