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Embark on a visual journey through my transformative six years at Ujala Digital, where I've driven numerous commercial projects, fueling the company's digitalization and IT transformation. Discover my unwavering loyalty and passion, ensuring delivery remains the primary focus. Explore my evolution into an executive coach, dedicated to empowering teams and contributing to high-performance growth. Transition to my role at Hassem Prag, a fintech legacy where, as the Art Director, Brand Manager, and UI/UX CE Designer, I've translated vision into a brand that goes beyond success — a commitment to technology, people, and a unique philosophy.
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The past six years at Ujala Digital have been nothing short of transformative. I’ve had the privilege of steering numerous commercial projects that propel the company forward in the realms of digitalization and IT transformation. My approach is defined by unwavering loyalty, a passion for overcoming challenges, and a steadfast commitment to ensuring that the delivery is at the forefront of my team’s efforts.

Beyond design and digital realms, I’ve embraced a role as an executive coach, contributing to the cultivation of high-performance teams and individual growth. Empowering my team is not just a goal but a core attribute, balanced with the assertiveness needed in challenging situations. This commitment to growth extends to my role as a reputation management consultant for Jaydev over the last six years, where I’ve contributed to building a positive narrative for the company.

Transitioning to Hassem Prag, a fintech brainchild driven by the visionary Mo Hassem and Jay Prag, my portfolio unfolds a journey beyond entrepreneurship — a legacy that fuses technology, passion, and a personalized touch. As the Art Director, Brand Manager, and UI/UX CE Designer, I’ve translated the founders’ ideas and passion into a brand that embodies more than just success. Welcome to Hassem Prag, where every pixel tells a story of commitment to technology, people, and a unique philosophy, reflecting a legacy that meets innovation head-on.

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